What happens when you lead virtual meetings better?

  • Credibility Increases

    Whether you work for yourself or a massive company, your authority increases when you can run meetings effectively and efficiently.

  • Productivity Increases

    Effective meetings increase everyone's productivity and helps your organization move closer to their goals.

  • A Happier Team

    You can make meetings interesting, enjoyable and productive. When you lead well you'll like meetings and so will the attendees.

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    • Welcome to "Meetings You Like" (:53)
    • How to use this learning platform (1:35)
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    Training Videos
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    • The Right Equipment (1:51)
    • Setting up the software - Zoom (10:15)
    • Setting attendee expectations (5:43)
    • Managing the conversation (10:03)
    • How to end well (2:56)
    • BONUS: Defeat the meeting dominator (21:54)
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    Next Steps...
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    • Thank you (:34)
    • 5 question survey

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